Creekside Cottage

Old Snowmass, Colorado

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What more could a fisherman want? A creekside cabin, cozy and warm and newly built on a site previously deemed “difficult.”


Ski Chalet

Snowmass, Colorado

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Extensive renovation of an old ski shack into a Classic Ski Chalet was the goal for this client. River rocks, hand hewn timbers, stucco and copper gave them what they wanted.


Historic Cabin Redux

Aspen, Colorado

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The old “License Plate” house, this historic miner’s cabin was turned into a contemporary family home with a large addition to accommodate the family within.


Red Mountain

Aspen, Colorado

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Complete remodel of an athlete’s casita into a Zen retreat for its new owner. Contemplation is the theme, Buddha the inspiration.


Howell Mountain

Napa Valley, California

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Escape is what this family desired, turning a simple 70’s family home into a cozy weekend entertaining location for family and friends.


Guest House

Napa Valley, California

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A desire for a new place to have friends visit and enjoy the quiet of the gardens and the taste of Napa wines was the inspiration for this unique guest house


City Cottage

Sonoma, California

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The Clients wanted a weekend getaway, a new home away from home built in the classic style of the wine country. Open floor plan for entertaining and low maintenance.