The Way We Work 

As a company, we always approach every project by putting teamwork and communication at the forefront. We promote strong collaboration among Clients, the  design team and construction principals from the very beginning of your project. This keeps all parties involved through every stage of the process. We have found this approach leads to the most satisfying end result possible. After more than 42 years in the construction business, we've come to understand how important our clients' projects are to them and how to ensure they get what they desire.

Keith Webster personally supervises the implementation of every project. He personally assures unrivalled quality in all services and sees to it that everyone involved is on the same page in terms of your wishes and what you expect the end result to be. This is the only way to maintain timely, consistent, and clear lines of communication with all parties. We strive to minimize obstacles and delays wherever we can, and our team is highly experienced in accomplishing this goal for all of our projects.

How We Do "construction" Better

The first step when we undertake a project is to focus all of our attention on the details. Other businesses may be juggling multiple assignments at once and can only devote so much time to yours, but we give each project our all. The process begins with a series of meetings between you and your entire team. This includes the architect, the designer, and any other sub specialties which may be necessary for the project's successful completion. You can trust that we'll be involved and keep you involved at every step.

Next we develop a preliminary budget and schedule for your unique set of circumstances. After all, each project is unique and each Owner is our most important client. 

We next meet to discuss the budget and schedule and make adjustments as needed to create realistic expectations for the project as a whole.

Once a consensus is reached, we begin to execute your project in a deliberate fashion. We schedule regular meetings with you to update progress and give you access to our cloud based project management tools in order to effectively communicate with the entire project team.

Our team  of professionals manages your project from the very beginning to the very end. This leaves you with a consistent level of quality that's unsurpassed anywhere. We take enormous pride in our workmanship, and we love to show off our skills to each and every person involved with your project. You can truly see the attention and care that goes into your project, not just the glossy finish but the foundation upon which it's built. We give new meaning to the term "from the ground up!"

How We Stay In Touch

We utilize an intuitive cloud-based software program called BuilderTrend that everyone involved in the project can use. This tool provides web access to all project partners, Owners, design professionals, sub-contractors and field personnel.  This allows each member of the team to log-in and view schedules and construction-related issues in real time as they are produced. Communication is "pushed" to your email or to your phone via text notification, or both.

We've found using this software allows for easy communication with all pertinent members of the team. This is a level of sophistication typically found in much larger organizations with much higher overhead. It's just another way we strive to satisfy our most important client, You.